The special fire extinguishers of high performance Dynameco® are produced by Dynamit Nobel Defence, the famous military multinational world leader in some defence systems, which was founded by Alfred Nobel, the creator of the “NOBEL Prize”.

These particular technologically advanced fire extinguishers have been created for the aerospace and military sectors, and for this reason they have high technical feature and standards, proved also by the 57 international certifications and also the military ones, such as the MIL-STD of the United States Department of Defense for USAF, US ARMY e US NAVY armies (for military certifications strict tests are made in extreme conditions that can not be found in the civil sphere, neither in the racing sector). There is no fire extinguisher in the world with so many certifications.



The special fire extinguishers of high performance Dynameco® are formed by a generator that produces a particular aerosol fire-extinguishing composed by micro-particles of c. 0,5 micron (basically a type of fog), able to interrupt the oxidation process of a fire in molecolar level (it stops the autocatalysis). Therefore just a small amount of product is enough to put out the fire (it’s 10 times more effective than foam extinguishers used by race cars).

Dynameco® fire extinguishers, unlike the usual ones, are not composed by pressure tanks (the content is solid) so they are absolutely safe and reliable in any situation (including the military one). Moreover, they last a long time and don’t need any kind of maintenance. 

Depending on the type of employment, there are specific versions and different activation modes. The “non plus ultra” are the special and exclusive Dynameco® with multi RIS®, each one with its particular scope.



fire extinguishing high performance with aerospace technology (it is patented) 

very small and lightweight (it is located directly where it is required)
dual automatism patented multi RIS® (globally new)
easy and quick to install
no pipes and no nozzle (during a collision they may break / move)
it works in any position (including when the vehicle overturn)
it spreads the extinguishing aerosol everywhere
in a closed compartment it avoids combustion and the restart of a fire
10 times more effective than foam extinguishers used by race cars
dielectric up to 35.000 volt
certified for explosive atmospheres and nuclear scope
innocuous to people and things (it can be used also in a cockpit of a race car)
it’s ecological and doesn’t soil
it withstands to heat, to cold, to humidity, to dirty, to vibrations, to temperature changes, etc.
totally safe and reliable thanks to the solid contents
no need of maintenance
it lasts a long time.