The special fire extinguishers of high performance with aerospace technology Dynameco® and Dynameco® with multi RIS® are commercialised with an exclusive agreement in the entire sector of vehicles (race cars included), yachts, trains, and the related electrical sector, by the Firefighter Typhoon®. Its headquarter is in Verona and its warehouse is in Pedemonte, near Verona.
Being at the beginning, for now they are reserved for the most prestigious companies of each sector, since their clients always want the best one, including for the security (depending on the need, it is possible to choose the desired level of protection). For this reason, this website shows only a concise and very superficial description of these particular products. Our partner, the military multinational Dynamit Nobel Defence, deals with the army and the aerospace sectors. 

Nowadays, the security is an essential duty in any kind of scope.


Firefighter Typhoon®
Dynameco® - exclusive representative of sector
lungadige Campagnola 2
37126 Verona - Italy