Firefighter Typhoon® is the Italian exclusive representative of the famous fire extinguishing of aerospace derivation Dynameco® by Dynamit Nobel Defence for all vehicles (race cars included), luxury yachts, trains, high-speed trains and the related electrical sector.
Moreover, Firefighter Typhoon® has the INTERNATIONAL EXCLUSIVE of the special Dynameco® with multi RIS®, the patented double automatic activation system absolute novelty worldwide.

The founder and CEO of Firefighter Typhoon® is Dr. Roberto Bertossi, who has been dealing for more than twenty years with innovation and technology in the firefighting sector especially in the automotive’s one, after his experience in BMW.
He got brilliant results, important Patents, references from the multinationals Honeywell and Webasto (first partners of the operation) and the international licence of race car security equipment builder. All this gave to him the possibility to become “exclusive partner of sector“ for the famous military multinational Dynamit Nobel Defence, the producer of Dynameco®.